NORAD 911 Stand Down Math

Is a short synopsis of:
Stand Down
Exposing NORAD's Wag The 911 Window Dressing Tale

by Mark Elsis

AP Article On NORAD PR:

NORAD Press Release:

8:13:31: American Airlines Flight 11 (AA11) last transmission with Boston Air Traffic Control (ATC).

8:13:32 to 8:20: AA11 goes off course and is hijacked.

8:20: AA 11 transponder signal stops.

8:36: NORAD spokesman, Major Mike Snyder, confirmed that the FAA notified NORAD of AA 11 hijacking.

8:38: Boston ATC notifies NORAD that AA11 has been hijacked.

8:39: AA11 flies directly over our # 1 terrorist target, Indian Point nuclear stations.

8:40: FAA notifies NORAD that AA11 has been hijacked.

8:43: FAA notifies NORAD that United Airlines Flight 175 (UA175) has been hijacked.

8:46:26: AA11 impacts the North Tower of the WTC between the 94th and 98th floors.

8:46: NORAD finally orders Otis to scramble two F-15's. NORAD has held on to this vital information for at least 6, 8 or 10 minutes, and probably up to 26 or 32 minutes.

8:52: Two F-15's from Otis are airborne.

9:02:54: UA175 impacts the South Tower of the WTC between the 78th and 84th floors. NORAD says the F-15's from Otis are still 71 miles away. This means their average flight speed was only 23.9% of their top speed in trying to intercept UA 175. Otis is 153 miles from WTC - F-15's have a top speed of 1875 MPH. Minus 71 miles from 153 miles = 82 miles covered in 11 minutes from 8:52 to 9:03 -
60 minutes divided by 11 minutes = 5.45 x 82 miles = 447.3 MPH divided by 1875 MPH = 23.9%.

9:30: Three F-16's from Langley are airborne.

9:37: American Airlines Flight 77 hits the Pentagon. NORAD says the F-16's from Langley were still 105 miles and 12 minutes away.

9:49: It takes the F-16's from Langley 19 minutes to reach Washington. This means their average flight speed was only 27.4% of their top speed in trying to protect our nations capital. Langley is 130 miles from the Pentagon - F-16's have a top speed of 1500 MPH - 60 minutes divided by 19 minutes = 3.16 x 130 miles = 410.5 MPH divided by 1500 MPH = 27.4%.

Andrews Air Force Base has two fighter wings that are 10 miles from the Pentagon, yet they inconceivably waited till after all of the attacks were over to finally get airborne.

The United States will spend more on the military in fiscal year 2003 (at least 396 billion) than the next 25 biggest countries combined. Also, the United States Air Force is by far and away the most technologically advanced and dominate military force ever known to man. So knowing all of these facts, what type of a preposterous wag the NORAD Reponse Times tale is this?